Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology Up to 89% of Americans over 50 would like to remain in their homes indefinitely.

This is where adaptive remodeling, featuring aging-in-place modifications, as well as “assistive technology,” comes in.

When you add ramps, grab bars or improved lighting to a home, you are doing what is called adaptive remodeling. But keeping one’s home safe and suitable to your needs for years to come may involve more. And there are many new elder-care products coming on the market that are specifically designed to help seniors continue to manage their homes and stay safe in familiar surroundings.

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Most people are familiar with elderly service products like pendant emergency alert buttons (known as PERS systems) and 24 hour monitoring services for falls or other emergencies in the home. But there are many other useful “age in place” products that provide safeguards for seniors at home now.

If you are involved with elder-care, you would appreciate a device that would let you know how Mom, Dad or other senior is doing at any given time. Motion sensors and other detectors can alert you when anyone enters, or exits, the house, or a specific room in the house. There is a device that lets you know when an electric stove has been left on and unattended. There are bed, chair and floor pressure mats that monitor your loved ones’ movements. Such devices can give additional peace of mind to those involved with elder-care. Seniors at home likewise want the enhanced protection these devices can give.



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