Enhance Your Family’s Safety

with an Affordable In-Home Camera/Surveillance System


Surveillance solutions help protect your home and family.Keep your family safe and secure in every part of your home.

On the watch – day and night. From “Nanny-cams” to Full Property Coverage, From Jobsite Security to Video Recorded Surveillance, specialty camera applications can give you more peace of mind.

Surprisingly affordable, sometimes indispensible, in-home or at work, a CCTV network can provide:

  • Theft and break-in deterrent
  • Child monitoring
  • Suspicious activity alert
  • Front door monitoring
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Record of activity around your home
  • Real time viewing/recording of local or remote locations
  • In-home patient care and monitoring
  • Pet monitoring


We can help with your DIY projects. Serving San Diego County since 1989.


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